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Alibaba’s Long-Standing Lawsuit on Counterfeit Listings Comes To A Close

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Alibaba has finally settled a long-standing lawsuit against it purporting that the big box retailer had kept its meeting with the Chinese government –concerning the counterfeit products in it’s site– secret before publicizing it in 2014.

The China-based eCommerce retailer later announced in an SEC briefing that settling the lawsuit “doesn’t include an admission that the allegations were true” and will “bring to a close all unsettled lawsuits against Alibaba.”

On to the specifics; the legal claims targeted  Alibaba’s initial public offering (IPO) worth a whopping $25bn.

Word has it that the Chinese giant store had met the  China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) two months earlier and faced threats of hefty fines if it did not curb the sales of fake goods on its platform.

What followed were several lawsuits launched against the online retailer insisting it should should have publicized the matter prior to its IPO.

The multiple lawsuits then merged into one Federal Action suit back in 2015. A year later, in June, the US District Court in Manhattan threw away the allegations after finding that  Alibaba had shown transparency in its IPO concerning regulatory risks, but some plaintiffs appealed the ruling.

In response to the situation,  SAIC then released an official report that claimed less than 40% of the goods sold on Alibaba’s Taobao stores were authentic. The announcement triggered a significant drop in the retailer’s Nasdaq-listed shares –the opening price dropped to $68 from $189.

Alibaba: “The Claims had no legal basis”

Alibaba has maintained it’s grounds claiming that the SAIC report had no legal basis and was eliminated from its website on the same day it was  published.

In a bid to deal with fake products, the Chinese retailer has rolled out a number of strategies to try to keep down the numbers of fake listings in it’s platforms, including launching the  Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (AACA) that works with brands to enforce it’s crackdown operations.

USTR: Alibaba’s Anti-counterfeits efforts haven’t curbed the listing of fakes

Still, Alibaba’s Taobao featured in the latest US Trade Representative’s (USTR) list of the most Notorious Markets online which it claims are routinely breaching intellectual property (IP) rights.

According to the USTR’s April 25th report; “Though Alibaba is making moves to stop the listing and sale of fake products, market players particularly micro to medium retailers still report high volumes of counterfeits and problems in their   takedown attempts.”

Wrapping Up

Infringing products remains a challenge in ecommerce with large retail platforms like Alibaba struggling to maximize profits while also weeding out bad players. Hopefully, Alibaba’s anti-counterfeits campaigns will protect it from lawsuits in the future.

Author bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker. He’s just as passionate about helping businesses get a high risk merchant account as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.

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Detective Agent for Your Problem Investigation

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In this life, oftenly we face problems that cannot be solved by our own hands, so we need help from other people. Some cases, such as cases of infidelity, cases of observing business competition, etc. sometimes must be resolved using the services of others. One service that is now often relied on is the services of private detectives. Using detective services is one of the best solutions that can be done. With a variety of skills, the best private detectives LB-Detektive GmbH will be able to carry out your orders, regardless of type. Of course, you need to understand a number of things related to the role of detective.

Get to Know Private Detectives

Before using detective services, of course you have to know what private investigators are. Most of us don’t understand about the ins and outs of detective and are only fixated on the meaning that we know indirectly from several films. Private detectives are people who are asked to help investigate a case. The case here is quite complex and is not fixed on just one thing. Some cases that can be handled by private detectives are infidelity cases, business competition cases, monitoring the distribution of goods, and others. Because the status is private, no special ties are established. Detective will only work according to the client’s request. As explained earlier, a detective will work according to the assignment given by the client. With some basic abilities as a detective that have been learned, such as negotiations, tricks of disguise, information management, infiltration, etc., of course a detective can be relied upon in carrying out the work given. On the other hand, a private detective also understands the law. Understanding of this law is very important to control their behavior. So, detectives will do anything to help their clients but still maintain the rules in accordance with applicable laws. This is very important because it is illegal to do anything against the law, of course it cannot be done and cannot be justified.

Be Observant in Choosing a Detective

In the first few points we see that the role of a detective can be said to be important to facilitate you in solving a number of cases. In this case, of course you must be observant in choosing a detective, so you don’t choose the wrong one. Whether we realize it or not, detective services are growing today. Many parties provide this service to help you. The number of choices must make you selective by paying attention to several things before choosing it. Now, how do you choose a private investigator to get the best choice? We summarize it in a few points below with a few brief explanations. To get the best quality eye services, you have to take your time for a moment. Indeed, to speed up the settlement of cases, you must move quickly to get the private investigator as you wish. However, don’t let this matter of importance be your reason for acting haphazardly. Take the time to compare some of the available private detectives.


Getting To Know Your Syracuse DWI Lawyer

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I suppose that we’re all at an age to share these kinds of stories – drunk stories, I mean. Like, haven’t we all had our own “far from sober moments?” Those times are just gold. There’s definitely no defeating them. But sure enough, I think we all express our “drunkenness” in different ways. You know what they say, there are different types of drunk. And each one is more hilarious than the one before!

Typically, we have about five different types of drunk: the dancing drunk, the kissy drunk, the emotional drunk, the intelligent drunk, and the drunk who doesn’t think he’s drunk. Check out other types of drunk here:

The first four types are rather harmless. They’d just go about their business and snooze off the moment they run out of energy. The dancer will just keep on dancing (even without music!) on and on until she pukes of passes out! The kisser will keep on looking for innocent victims amongst his or her friends and surprises them with a smooch! Most of these kisses practically taste like alcohol (or vomit) so they’re more of a torture than a blessing, really. The emotional one will keep crying over spilled milk. Sometimes, they’d even cry for nothing – or everything! They’d cry at the sofa for being too soft or cry at the shower for being too noisy, stuff like that. It’s hilarious how they can get be sensitive over the most trivial things. The intelligent one is like a trivia master. This is not the first intelligence has been linked to drinking though (read more).They keep giving you bits of information even if you’re not really asking for them. If you’ve ever read a “Did You Know?” picture book when you were young, that’s how they sound like.

Now the most dangerous out of all these types is the drunk who doesn’t admit he’s drunk.

Yes, that’s right. There’s nothing more dangerous than a person who’s in denial. When someone who’s drunk won’t admit that he’s drunk, they will continue doing reckless things thinking it’s “normal.” They think that they can do it because they are supposedly “sober.” Now, although most of the things they do are just everyday tasks, nothing too extreme or horrifying. It can still end with disastrous results.

A common example is cooking. Your Type 5 friend may insist to man the kitchen and whip up something delicious for the group. Instead of cooking something tasty, however, he will just end up destroying your entire kitchen with all his drunken shenanigans. Either that or he sets your entire house on fire. The least dangerous outcome is that he cooks you something totally horrifying and inedible.

Another common example is when our Type 5 friend insists on going home by himself – especially when he’s got wheels of his own. He’d probably tell you something along these lines:

“Hey! I’m going on ahead. I can drive fine. Don’t worry one thing!”

But he says that while muttering and his tone of voice annoyingly fluctuating – like a kindergartener practicing intonations. Of course you know he isn’t alright. Of course you know you shouldn’t worry about one thing – you should worry about anything!

Now, if you’re this Type 5, then let me give you a piece of advice: Don’t drive while drunk. To be more accurate, don’t drive when you’ve had something to drink. If you insist, then get yourself a DWI lawyer in Syracuse, NY. Trust me; it’s your only way of salvation.

DWI Lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in drunk-driving cases. DWI literally stands for Driving While Intoxicated and the most common and legal drug that can intoxicate a lot of people is alcohol. These lawyers help individuals who have been convicted with a drunk-driving case bail themselves out sooner. If the drunk-driving incident has caused a secondary incident like personal injury or car accident, then these lawyers are also the people you come to for help.

This is why I always say: Drink responsibly. It may seem like good fun at the beginning but there are always irreversible consequences to irresponsible behaviours.

Have fun but be responsible. Remember that the road isn’t just yours. Your innocent drive may turn into a criminal act if you’re not careful.

Never drive under influence. Got that?

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The Benefits Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Are you looking for  a criminal defense lawyer? If you’re facing a criminal charge, finding a reputable attorney will certainly be beneficial for your case.

It might be all you need is a consultation. You don’t actually need their services in a court situation; you just need legal help and guidance. But for a major charge, it’s crucial you hire a competent criminal defense lawyer seems like Tulsa criminal defense lawyer . As far as what an attorney will cost you, it all depends upon your case. Is it complex or simple? Is the charge severe or minor? All of these situations will determine how much the retainer will cost. The kind of witnesses he or she will use in your defense can also affect the amount you’ll be charged.

There are four basic ways to find an attorney. Any or all of them will prove to be useful.

1. Referrals. Ask your friends, family members, coworkers, or neighbors if they have ever used one or can make a possible suggestion.

2. Courtroom experience. Attend criminal cases and observe how certain attorneys perform. You may find one who’s courtroom tactics appeal to you.

3. Check professional organizations. Contact bar associations for a referral.

4. Directories. Check online through legal directories or at your public library.

Once you’ve selected one or two attorneys, contact each one for a case consultation. Many will extend these to possible clients free of charge. It might be beneficial to call each attorney previous to the appointment and ask him or her simple questions such as their general experience defending criminals and any other specifics that relate to a case like yours.

After your initial phone conversation and face-to-face appointment, it’s time to trust your instincts. Do you like the attorney? Is there compatibility between the two of you? Remember, you’re just at the consulting stage. You don’t need to feel obligated to hire them if there isn’t a good rapport. Make sure you read over the full agreement before you sign anything. Get a copy for your records too.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of finding a criminal defense lawyer yourself, consider the fact you may be eligible for a court-appointed attorney. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have no control over who you are assigned. But this isn’t always the case as many court-appointed attorneys take their cases quite seriously and do an excellent job for their clients. A public defender will often have more experience than a private attorney would have in these particular cases.

Be careful of anyone who makes you promises in advance before hearing your case completely. If they promise you won’t go to jail or they tell you your case is very easy, beware. Many unscrupulous attorneys will diminish the seriousness of your crime in order to get you to agree to sign a retainer. Once they’ve done that, they’ve got you and your case could become a disaster.


What Is Better For Attorney Marketing: PPC Or SEO?

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If you are an attorney, you probably know how difficult it is to find qualified leads. Having a compelling website isn’t enough to attract traffic. You need marketing, as that’s the only way you can make your services known to your potential clients. The question is whether you should run PPC campaigns or rather focus on SEO instead. This article shows you how these two differ and how you can use them to make the most out of your marketing efforts.

The biggest advantage of PPC is that it enables you to start acquiring clients the very first moment after launching your campaign. People who search the web for attorney services will find your website and will get in touch with you. This traffic has a high conversion rate, because these people need your services.

PPC has another advantage, which is that it enables you to build brand awareness for free. Having your ad displayed on the search engine results pages is free for as long as nobody clicks on it. You only pay for search engine users who click to visit your website. Nonetheless, all other users will be exposed to your name, so they may recall it at a later time. This is an excellent opportunity to start building recognition for your attorney services.

On the other hand, PPC can cost you a lot of money. Taking into consideration that you’ll have to bid on extremely competitive keywords, you can expect your PPC campaigns to be expensive. This means that you’ll need to optimize your website and your ads to maximize conversions. If you don’t know how to do this yourself,you’ll need to outsource it to a digital marketing agency. This is very important, as spending more money than you earn isn’t going to keep you in business for long. You have to ensure that your PPC expenditure brings you enough clients to make a profit.

The other downside of PPC is that it requires constant investment. The very moment you stop running your ads, the flow of targeted visitors to your website will drain. Any cash flow problem will cause serious trouble, as you won’t have money to run your campaigns. Without PPC, you won’t get as many new clients as needed to stay afloat, so you might find yourself on the verge of bankruptcy before even having a chance to realize what’s happening.

On the contrary, SEO is a long-term investment. Once you obtain good positions in Google, you’ll enjoy a steady flow of highly converting traffic even if you have to stop all marketing activities for a while. This will allow you to overcome difficult moments when you’ll be bootstrapped for cash. However, SEO doesn’t bring immediate results. You may have to invest in it for many months before seeing the first results. Consider a lawyer SEO company such as Magnosi Web Marketing. They’ve gotten great results for Little Egg Harbor’s criminal defense attorneys Pepe & Wintrode and Chris O’Brien in Rochester.

All these being said, you should consider a mix of PPC and SEO for your attorney marketing. This will offer you the best of both worlds: immediate revenue and a long-term safety net.