Better Updates on the Dimitry Rybolovlev Case Now

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The Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev was busted by his ex-wife and despised by a Swiss art dealer. Now he also seems to feel cheated by auction house Sotheby’s so it’s time for a new lawsuit.The best man is somewhat accustomed to being fooled because he is known for the most expensive divorce ever. He reportedly transferred 3.2 billion euros to his ex-wife Elena after his 23-year marriage went down.

The fact that he has to pay attention to the little ones is also apparent from his sale of the painting Salvator Mundi by Leonardo Da Vinci for 450 million euros and according to the rumors he is also trying to sell his football club AS Monaco . Finally, the Russian is a familiar face in the Bouvier Affair. The latter gets a new chapter because the billionaire, who got rich through the sale of his two fertilizer companies in 2010 and 2011 for a total of 6.5 billion euros, is now desperately suing Sotheby’s for partially facilitating the Bouvier Affaire, the ‘biggest art fraud ever’.

The Inside Case:

The Bouvier Affaire bears the name of Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier who was beaten up with lawsuits in France, Monaco, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US. His alleged victims would have paid too high amounts for a zipper of works of art that were given an incorrect value by Bouvier.

In addition, he was held in the light of a whitewash scandal by the authorities of Liechtenstein in 2015 and he would have taxed around 100 million euros in tax in Switzerland. Rybolovlev thinks he has a billion dollars from the art dealer after he has paid two billion dollars for 38 artworks that are actually only worth half. Bouvier, as a buyer, would have lied to his clients about the value of the paintings, after which he would make the difference disappear in his own pocket.

The Suit

The Russian companies sue Sotheby’s $ 380 million yesterday in Manhattan for facilitating sales and thus facilitating fraud. The auction house claims that all allegations are complete nonsense and that the fight can be fought better with Bouvier in Switzerland. They ask the court in New York not to accept the case. In 2017, Rybolovlev was sued by Sotheby’s and Bouvier in Geneva to prevent a lawsuit against Rybolovlev in the UK against the two.

  • Bouvier denies anyway having worked in the service of Rybolovlev and claims that he bought the artworks from Sotheby’s himself after which he sold them to Rybolovlev who claims again that Bouvier acted as dealer in his name. The Swiss bought works from Amedeo Modigliani, Gustav Klimt and Leonardo Da Vinci in 2013, among others. You can now¬†visit to know more about this case.