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The modern legal systems of the globe are frequently based on one of 4 simple systems : civil law , common law , statutory law , religious law or combinations of these. Scotland is often said to use the civil law method, but it has a exceptional program that combines elements of an uncodified civil law dating back to the Corpus Juris Civilis with an element of its own frequent law long predating the Treaty of Union with England in 1707 (see Legal institutions of Scotland in the Higher Middle Ages ), founded on the customary laws of the tribes residing there.

Where a tort is rooted in prevalent law, all traditionally recognized damages for that tort could be sued for, whether or not or not there is mention of those damages in the current statutory law For instance, a person who sustains bodily injury through the negligence of another could sue for health-related costs, discomfort, suffering, loss of earnings or earning capacity, mental and/or emotional distress, loss of high quality of life , disfigurement and much more.

It also established the workplace of the Governor-General of India along with an Executive Council in India, which consisted of high officials of the British Government. In typical law legal systems, the prevalent law is important to understanding practically all significant regions of law. The United States federal government (as opposed to the states) has a variant on a frequent law program.

Right now, a principal difference is that prevalent law is commonly uncodified, although countries with civil law systems have complete, constantly updated legal codes that specify all matters capable of getting brought before a court. The influence of Roman-Dutch law continued in the colony nicely into the late 19th century. The codification of a law of basic obligations shows how remnants of the civil law tradition in New York continued on from the Dutch days.

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