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Legal Rights Jurisprudence Notes

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According to Gray: A legal is that powers which a man has to take a individual or person do or refrain type carrying out a specific act or particular acts, so far as the energy arises kind society imposing a legal duty upon a particular person or persons. New York State Human Rights Law prohibits schools from discriminating against you because of your sex or sexual orientation. The Dignity Act is a new New York State law that provides students in public schools an educational atmosphere absolutely free from discrimination and harassment. If your college offers you a problem, use the ACLU’s letter to principals and superintendants (out there right here ) to clarify your rights and your school’s responsibilities beneath the law, or write your own. Just for the reason that you have the correct to be out” doesn’t mean that your teachers or college administrators really should out” you against your will to your parents or force you to come out to your parents.

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