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As we saw in Chapter 63: Introduction to the law, there are quite a few distinct forms of legal systems operating in nations about the globe. The United States federal courts are divided into twelve regional circuits, each and every with a circuit court of appeals (plus a thirteenth, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which hears appeals in patent situations and situations against the federal government, without geographic limitation). This was problematic, as the patroon method of land holding, based on the feudal program and civil law, continued to operate in the colony until it was abolished in the mid-19th century.

It also established the workplace of the Governor-General of India along with an Executive Council in India, which consisted of high officials of the British Government. In frequent law legal systems, the prevalent law is essential to understanding virtually all essential areas of law. The United States federal government (as opposed to the states) has a variant on a typical law program.