What is the Best Type of Law to Specialize In?

Of course I am thinking about this from a really personal way. I figure that the law is a good way to earn a living and I am seem to have the right type of mind for it, but I do not want to be a bad person. Or to be succinct I do not want to feel like a bad person. For example a divorce lawyer is going to be the bad guy for half of the people who are involved in a case, that is just how it is. You are going to end up in the middle of a whole lot of nastiness and a lot of the time your client is going to expect you to bring as much nasty as you can muster. They are not going to always care more about their own benefits as they are the harm they can do their former spouse. Then you have the question of custody over children, which is going to get nasty about every single time. All of that is stuff that I would be happier without to be perfectly honest.

Of course when you are a corporate lawyer you might end up doing some of the stuff that Donald Trump obviously did when he was running casinos into the ground. He owed lots and lots of money to all sorts of small businesses, but instead of paying them he basically used his lawyers to steal from them and avoid paying them what he owed them. There is not any way that I could do that sort of thing and of course a corporation is ruthlessly out for itself, not giving any thought to how others are effected unless it some way or another harms them. They would trample orphans and nuns under foot if it was in their interest.

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