Why Divorce Rates are Going Up and Up in Patna?

About 4 years ago in 2015, that is, almost half a decade, there came a newspaper report which tried to analyses the causes the surge in divorce rates in the city of Patna[i]. While the phenomenon of more and more couple deciding to split is still on the rise, the reasons for the same have only become more diverse.

Patna isn’t the only tier-2 city facing this social crisis. Chandigarh is another one and more numbers of couples can now be seen going around in search of divorce lawyers. If you are searching a divorce lawyer in Patna you should consult only the best.

This blog seeks to analyses all aspects of this issue, which has immense social ramifications.

The 2015 Times of India report mentioned some of the reasons for the phenomenon. They are reproduced with a brief explanation below:

  1. Social Media- Since the introduction of social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, distances between people have been reduced to a great extent and it is much easier to maintain connections than it was a couple of years ago. As a result, more and more people (especially adults in the age bracket of 25-45) are increasingly signing up on such platforms in order to connect with childhood friends and old relations. While this might be good for the society in way, in that more people are now in touch with each other, the negative consequences, though seem to be subtle at first, can have many adverse effects. The most pre-dominant is that it tampers with the securities of people in a relationship. When a spouse notices his/her counter-part to be constantly engaged over such platforms, either chatting, texting or exchanging photos or videos. Though this spouse might still be completely faithful to her/his spouse while doing all of this, unfortunately, a mere clarity of conscience or good ness of intentions cannot stop the other spectator spouse from nurturing insecurities and suspicions, leading to confrontation with the other party. If that spouse wasn’t actually cheating on her/his spouse, she/he is more likely to have a violent reaction to such a confrontation and arguments that follow are eventually going to lead the couple on the path of separation.
  2. Ego-Clashes- It is often said that two very successful can never get along quite well. Therefore, if both parties in the couple are performing exceedingly well in their respective careers, ego-clashes are bound to occur. At the end of the day, all a person wants is a little amount of respect and acknowledgement of his/her efforts into keeping the relationship strong. When the other spouse fails to treat you with dignity, not just your ego, but your self-respect is also likely to get hurt, eventually resulting in both parties deciding to part ways.
  3. Domestic Violence- Despite enactment of stringent laws by the legislature, with even more stringent punishments, apparently they seem to have no deterrent effect on abusive partners. In fact, domestic violence has been on the rise and seldom is there a time that we see a plunge in the number of domestic violence cases being reported. After a point, it becomes difficult for the victim to take it anymore and it doesn’t take long before the will to be treated with dignity overpowers other thoughts and apprehensions (reasons like children, social stigma, and finance sources) and the victim decides to call it quits.
  4. Infidelity- Extra-marital affairs as they are more commonly called are another major reason why many couples are splitting. As per their justification, they find it difficult to spend their entire with one person and go in search of change for newer relationships, sometimes just for the thrill or excitement associated with it. Their short-term vision does not allow them to see through the long term ramifications of their actions, as, in most cases, the thrill of the new relation lasts only temporarily for a short while. But, till the time this realization dawns upon the person, it is often too late.
  5. Change in Life-style dynamics– In the 21st century, life-styles of people are changing very rapidly and so are their expectations. People tend to have a lot less patience, than they did before. Also, depression is among married couples is something that is being increasingly diagnosed. There is also a shift in the moral values of the society and divorce may not seem that big a deal for couples of the day.

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